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What Makes the Indian Premier League (IPL) so Popular?

Glitz and glamour aren’t words usually associated with cricket, however the Indian Premier League brings these qualities in bucket loads. From attractive cheerleaders through to multi-million rupee player auctions, the IPL is excitement from the word go. Whichever teams are playing, you’ll be able to see the best of Twenty20 cricket when you tune in to watch a game in the IPL!

But what should you expect from an IPL game? Well, the main thing is this: big sixes, and a lot of them. If someone like Chris Gayle or Yuvraj Singh manages to get their eye in, expect to see the ball disappearing over the ropes regularly. Combine that with aggressive bowling and some of the most acrobatic fielding you’re ever likely to see, and you’ve got a combination that should enthral every cricket fan.

Of course, the IPL is also about money, and you’ll be able to see this simply by looking at the advertising boards around all the grounds.

The owners of the franchises are some of the richest and most famous companies in India, and they’re prepared to plough massive sums of money into their teams, so fans get the best experience possible. Money is also the main motivation for those betting on the IPL, along with the fact that betting on this competition makes every match even more exciting than ever before!

Previous Indian Premier League Champions

The IPL began in 2008, and since its inception it has been won by six different teams – although two of these teams have now become defunct. Below you’ll see the previous winners of the world’s biggest domestic Twenty20 tournament:
• 2008: Rajasthan Royals
• 2009: Deccan Chargers*
• 2010: Chennai Super Kings*
• 2011: Chennai Super Kings*
• 2012: Kolkata Knight Riders
• 2013: Mumbai Indians
• 2014: Kolkata Knight Riders
• 2015: Mumbai Indians
• 2016: Sunrisers Hyderabad

*Denotes a team is now defunct

Predicting who will win the upcoming IPL season is never easy though, as the rosters have changed, and new players will be making their bows. One thing’s for sure though: the 2017 season of the IPL looks set to be a fantastic one!

Indian Premier League Teams

Every year the squads change a lot and it can be tricky keeping up with them all.

Below you’ll find out about the different teams taking part in each respective year of the IPL tournament, including their rosters and a brief overview of each.

Take a look through our detailed team profiles if you want to find out more about a particular franchise though.

2017 Indian Premier League Squads
2014 Indian Premier League Squads