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Cricket Betting with India Bet

Cricket, and indeed cricket betting within India needs no introduction. It is quite simply the most popular sport within the territory – cricket is power! Our aim is to help you sift through all of the online cricket betting providers to help you choose the best option. All of the operators we promote accept players based in India to ensure it is worth your time visiting them.

Cricket Calendar

We check all of the sports betting operators to ensure they have the latest markets. The month of May welcomes the start of the IPL, Indian Premier League which gives a great betting platform for punters and fans alike. Live Betting on the IPL is at it’s most popular at the current time, and indeed the same applies to mobile betting as well. During the year a number of ODI’s and Tours take place. At the time of writing India are set for a tour of England in June 2014. Ensuring these markets are available to bet on, and also In-Play is a must for us.

Mobile Cricket Betting

In recent years, mobile betting and gambling as a whole has exploded and is now more popular than ever. Essentially the introduction of smart phones has made everything more accessible, including cricket betting. There are a number of operators that specialise in mobile gambling, including mobile betting and mobile casino. Also worth bearing in mind that most betting operators are now fully equipped to allow you to bet with them on your tablet device including iPad and Android devices.

Cricket Betting in India – How to do it Legally and Safely?

The complete fascination that Indians have for the game of cricket is well known all over the world. Equally well known, albeit for less pleasant reasons, is the Indian love for betting in cricket. Now, betting is perfectly legal in most parts of the world. In India, however, the government has not yet legalized betting on Indian shores.

This has led to a burgeoning illegal betting industry in India, where thousands of crores of rupees exchange hands in every cricket match – whether it is an international game or an IPL match. The illegal betting industry in India is called the satta bazaar. While betting in the satta bazaar is widely popular, with several hundred thousand Indians passionately taking part in it, with some making big money as well, fact is that the illegal betting industry in India is run by criminals and dons of the underworld mafia. Hence the satta bazaar does not enjoy a great reputation or any sort of respectability despite making a plenty of money for a lot of ordinary Indians.

Another important reason for the lack of reputation is that all the transactions in the satta bazaar are outside the realms of legality, and the entire transacted amount is in black. There are no legal or tax records of the money exchanges in the satta bazaar, and the whole illegal industry runs on the basis of a mixture of trust and coercion. Those who fail to make their due payments may fully expect goons from the criminal gang running one of the illegal betting shops to knock on their doors, and even be subjected to violent reprisals from gangsters who have no respect for or fear of the law.

Online Cricket Betting – Changing the way we bet

So what does an Indian who loves cricket and wishes to take his love for the game to the next level by betting on it, just for the sheer thrill of it and also to make a little money on the side, without having to do anything even remotely outside the law do?

Simple. Join an internet betting and casino site, where the entire betting transaction is perfectly legal. These online casinos and betting services are situated in countries where betting on sports is perfectly legal, taxed by the government and with the entire transaction fully above board. There isn’t even a hint of illegality in this, as the entire money transaction is through credit cards, debit cards, wire transfer from bank accounts or by cheques. Here, cricket betting is as safe as it gets, as legal as it gets. There is no fear of being threatened with physical attacks if a bet goes wrong, as it is with the illegal betting houses in India, the satta bazaar.  Most importantly, while Indian law makes it illegal to place bets with an Indian bookmaker as betting is illegal on Indian shores; there is no restriction as per Indian law when it comes to placing bets with a foreign bookmaker who is located outside India.

Many of the highly reputed betting companies all over the world have woken up to the potential of cricket betting in India, and the hunger of Indians to bet, but to do so legally. Among them, the most popular are 188BETUnibetBetway and Betfair.

Registering on these online casinos is quite simple and pain free. One just has to have a valid email address and provide a valid credit card or debit card or bank account information. Once registered, the bettor may deposit money in his betting account at the casino through a credit card, debit card, wire transfer, cheque or through a virtual card such as Entropay. There are official records of every transaction, and they are taxed – so there is no doubting the legality of it.

Once the deposit is made, bettors may browse through the various cricket matches, or for that matter football matches or tennis matches, on which bets are accepted by the casino, make their calculations and place their bet. Depending on the result of the match, money is either deposited into the bettor’s account, if he gets his result right, or deducted, if he is on the losing side. There is no question of a bettor not being able to make his payments, because he can bet no more than the total amount already deposited by him in his betting account at the online casino. And when he wins, his earning are automatically transferred to his betting account, which he may withdraw at his leisure to his bank account in India, which is connected to his betting account at the online casino, or be paid through Paypal. The entire transaction, it needs repeating, is legal and completely hassle free.

No wonder then that legal online betting in India is catching up in such a big way. The importance of providing legal avenues for cricket betting in India simply cannot be overstated. Betting websites such as IndiaBet.org provide excellent services to Indian bettors guiding them to the right Indian Sports Betting and Indian Casino sites that accept Indian bettors, accept the Indian currency and which accept payments from India, allow both deposits and withdrawals, and do so legally and safely – allowing Indian bettors to participate in the thrill of cricket betting without any trouble, doubt or worry.