Online Casino in India has grown in popularity considerably, with more than 40% of Indian nationals taking part in this past time. As with choosing any casino destination, it is important to choose the right one, and ensuring that the casino is fully regulated with a legal licence.

There are many misconceptions with online gambling in many countries, yet Indian Casino play is legal online, and below you will find the best destinations to play. As well as ours it’s also worth checking official domains such as India Casino for more information.

Where to play Indian Casino games

You can bet on sports at a number of well known brands including Betfair and Betway. These particular brands houses a sports books with very good, comprehensive cricket betting, along with live casino, poker and over 400 slot games.

All of the online casinos listed on site however have their positives and negatives. We try to ensure there are far more positives for each in order to have them listed on site. All Indian Casino operators will have the classic table games such as Roulette and Blackjack, along with a wealth of online slot games.

What next for Online Indian Casino

Indian Online Casino play is something that often lacks clarity. The lack of consistency in information surrounding its usage online has been apparent from some time now.Rumours of regulation in various locations in India have been talked about for some time now, and until these are finalised a lot fo players are left wondering if they are entitled to play online.

We can learn a lot from the U.S. in terms of what is legal and what’s not. The majority of sports betting and online casino operators will I.P. restrict players that are not able to sign up from a restricted territory.

What does this mean for Online Indian Casino?

It means that if you are based in India, you are not I.P. restricted from the majority of online casino and sports betting operators. This is due to the fact that you are playing this activity based on their licence, and their jurisdiction. So the good news, you can play online!

The bad news is only for operators, not Indian Casino players. Basically it means that an operator like Bet365 or William Hill cannot obtain an Indian Casino licence to allow them to directly market their product in Mumbai, etc. Meaning they cannot hand out leaflets or advertise on TV channels based on India. Although it doesn’t matter right, you know who they are already?