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Indian Betting with Betfair

Betfair is a betting site with a difference – a difference that makes it really stand out from the crowd. While traditional betting might be the gambling of choice for some, others head to Betfair to choose their own odds and play against other people, instead of against the house.

Betfair Review

Betfair is the UK’s most popular bet exchange and it usually leads to people finding odds that a significantly higher than the odds found on other sites. Using a betting exchange takes a little bit of time to get used to, which could be seen as a negative point, but those who go through the learning process will find themselves able to play at one of the best betting sites around.

It should also be noted that, over the years, Betfair has won a number of different awards from the prestigious Gambling Online Magazine Awards. This includes awards for best odds, best service and the best online experience. It’s also been recognised by the equally prestigious eGaming Awards. When such big names recommend this site, it is clear to see that everyone should head there to see what all the fuss is about.


The first thing to say about the Betfair site is that the homepage is high on adverts, but not too good at showing the different sports on offer and the different markets currently being bet on. It’s easy to change this though, as punters simply click on “sports” from the menu and all the different sports will be shown. It would also be nice to see a link to the betting exchange in a more prominent position too, as this is the biggest selling point of their site.

Despite these couple of gripes, the site looks really good – in fact, it is possibly the best looking online betting site out there. It’s also great to see that they don’t over-advertise the other services they offer, which is a particular gripe of many avid sports betters.


The most exciting feature found on Betfair – aside from the fact that they offer a great betting exchange – is the Cash Out feature. This allows all players to cash out their bets early. This means that players can cash their bets out at any time during a match or tournament, therefore preventing those last minute goals or surges that take away what would have been a winning bet. Multiple bets can be cashed out early too, which is useful for those who have had a number of results in a row and are worried about the last one failing them.

The Betfair Exchange has to be mentioned in this section though, as it is the reason why most punters head to this site. It allows punters to place both back and lay bets, choose their own odds (depending on how generous other punters are feeling) and trade a position in play. The regular betting on this site might not be as good as some other places, but the Betting Exchange is what makes it so unique and popular.

Bet Types

Betfair offers all the different types of bets found on other major betting sites, plus it has the betting exchange. Due to the betting exchange, it means that bets of all types can be found – punters simply have to be able to find someone willing to go against them! Perhaps the most popular markets are football and horse racing – what betting site doesn’t have these as the major two? – although tennis also features prominently, especially during major tournaments.

There is also an in-play section, although it is not to the same standard as sites like Stan James. The fact that they offer it is a good thing though, especially for those only looking to use it as a secondary feature when they are using the Betting Exchange.

Betfair Screenshots

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The Final Verdict

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Betfair is a funny old site. While it lacks slightly in areas for traditional betting, the Betting Exchange provides a massive bonus for anyone choosing to play there. Therefore, those looking for traditional gambling should head somewhere like William Hill or Ladbrokes, but before doing so should definitely try the Betting Exchange first – it is the best of its kind anywhere online!

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